Why Social Media Marketing?

Why Social Media Marketing?

Mankind migrates through technology. In the late 90s and the early 2000s, marketing through a personal website, or by sending mass email was the correct approach. This is because, at that time, that is where the bulk of the Internet community was located. The best way to gain the attention of potential customers is to advertise in the location, be it physical or virtual, where they spend most of their time. In today’s world, that location is social media.

In addition to the above reasoning, marketing with social media allows for the development of a better marketing profile. The social media platforms themselves have already done the work discovering a consumer’s preferences, and where their interests lie. When a new Facebook profile is created, there a fields that many new users eagerly fill in, to connect with others who share their interests. Twitter users use the majority of their messages to ‘tweet’ about products, services, and causes that interest them. Many consumers utilize both a Twitter, and a Facebook account to complement one another, and possess a more robust and complete online presence. In short, much of the preliminary research is done for you. The primary goal of any advertising company after this point is to define and discover their particular target market, and proceeds from that point.

Social media in marketing can also have exponential effects. When the right ad catches a user’s eye, they can then ‘share’, ‘like’, or ‘tweet’ that ad, exposing it to their own roster of friends and followers. This creates a virtual word-of-mouth effect that then has the potential to go viral, and gain the attention of millions of potential customers from all around the world.

The cost of implementation is only a fraction of the possible benefit. Even a full-fledged advertisement campaign, handled by a dedicated agency, could never hope to match the strength or effectiveness of that one viral moment, where the next big thing explodes. Most often–because of its comparatively low cost, social media marketing serves as a single component of a company’s advertisement strategy.

Social Media marketing is the key that will draw customers to your product or service today. Using it can ensure exposure, and increase your chances of capturing a larger client base to make a profit. All of this happens for a fraction of the cost, or the research needed to launch a more traditional ad campaign. Every company survives by adapting to the times, and evolving reaps the benefits. Market through social media and you bring your company closer to success.

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