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The digital landscape is of huge importance in Russia, a vast country spanning two continents. Buxup offers exclusive avenues to target Europe's biggest population of internet users with tailored search engine optimisation campaigns designed to fit into your integrated marketing strategy.

The benefits of native knowledge

Some SEO companies might claim to have a good understanding of Russia's online market, but do they really have the native knowledge and network of contacts necessary to make an impact outside the UK? At Buxup, we foster good relations with Yandex, the number one Russian search engine and the country's equivalent to Google. We offer tailored Russian SEO services which enable consistent penetration through Yandex, which has been a resource for Russian internet users since 1997.

For amazing opportunities, look east

Russia might not appear the obvious choice for the digital expansion of your business - and for precisely that reason, it is one of the biggest untapped markets in the world. Whether you wish to use a Russian SEO campaign in order to widen your profile, increase your enquiries, or bump up your e-commerce sales - a market of 87.5 million internet users is open to you. The market has seen consistent exponential growth, and according to research by Wearesocial, the amount of e-commerce purchases will rise to £33 billion in Russia next year. It's time to utilise SEO Russia responds to.

Tailoring your strategies

SEO in Russia works differently. If you attempt to penetrate the digital Russian market via the trusted Western channels of Google and Facebook, you may end up disappointed. That's why having Russian SEO experts such as Buxup on your side can make so much sense. Our strategies are carefully structured to achieve your organisation's objectives within the Russian digital space, harnessing the marketing potential of the social networks and search engines which are most popular in the country.

Keyword refinement 

Buxup is adept in the compiling of keyword lists adapted to Russia's online habits. Some SEO agencies are in the habit of translating keywords from English to Russian, with potentially disastrous consequences for their campaigns. Buxup has a team of linguists with a Russian mother tongue, so you can rest assured your SEO Russian campaigns are using keywords which are the result of meticulous native research. This means fewer opportunities are missed and less marketing ideas are diluted through distorted semantics.

A global outlook

At Buxup, we work with many clients whose Russian campaign is part of a joined up global strategy. That's why we provide you with a dedicated account manager capable of planning and executing a series of country-unique campaigns. It is a centralised methodology which takes the best overarching strategies and mixes them with activities proven to be effective in a particular country. This approach is proven to save time for clients, and allow them to take a holistic view of their digital initiatives, aiding decision making.

Advertising with impact

Alongside our technical SEO expertise, at Buxup we also possess a creative spark which allows you to make an impact with advertising in the Russian digital space. We offer intelligent messaging targeted at your specific Russian audience, with research incorporating current trends, demographic behaviour and competitor activity. Opt for advertising and web marketing Russia identifies with.

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