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Russia is home to a huge potential audience for your business - nearly 150 million people populate the largest country on earth, and Buxup can allow you to unlock the door to this market.

In the western world, much of our online marketing focus and search engine optmisation activities are based around the most popular search engine - Google. Russia works differently, and Buxup offers Russian search engine optimisation services which allow you to target your activities at a potentially huge untapped market.
Trust the experts for SEO in Russia 
Some 60% of the search engine market share in Russia is taken by Yandex and at BuxUp, our unmatched Russian SEO skill set has the ability to exploit advertising avenues on the site, as well as in other countries in which Yandex has a large market share, such as Ukraine (43%) and Belarus (33%).

Fluent in the language of Yandex

When targeting Russian audiences, many campaigns fall foul of misconceptions when it comes to setting up advertising drives. Yandex offers similar opportunities to Google AdWords in some ways, but in others it has nuances entirely of its own. That's why a partnership with Buxup can pay dividends when it comes to setting up your campaigns and narrowing down the market segments you are targeting in Russian-speaking countries.

The complete package

Buxup doesn't only set your campaigns up, the service we provide as a Russian SEO agency in London is comprehensive in its approach. We take a diagnostic starting point, looking at your business as a whole, its ambitions in the Russian-speaking market, and your current SEO standpoint when it comes to the region. From there, we can initiate campaigns and guide you on the reporting and analysis elements of Yandex advertising campaigns, continually seeking to improve their effectiveness, with direct benefits to the bottom line.

Understanding the algorithm
Similar to the algorithm Google employs, Yandex takes some understanding and is constantly challenging Russian marketers to optimise their campaigns in line with it. At Buxup, we know how best to utilise the platform, breaking down the clues Yandex provides to improving campaigns, such as its 'negatives suggestion', which offers information on what is causing low click through rates. It all comes back to ensuring that your campaigns are reaching the Russian audiences that they are intended to, with sustainable benefits to your brand position in the market.

Let's make a start

Opening a Yandex account can be a little bewildering for marketers at first glance, but with Buxup you ensure that you are educated on Yandex's different characteristics, so you can develop your own understanding of the platform. For companies with an international outlook, SEO strategy is one of the best ways to expand a business with no physical presence needed in a new territory. Buxup brings together years of international SEO experience and is now paving the way for organisations to realise the enormous potential of the new customer base waiting for them in Russia.

As a company BuxUp offers a wide array of services and language is no barrier for us. To speak to us and to start pushing your online marketing in the right direction, call us today on +44 (0) 208 638 0817 or email us: and get in touch with a member of our team.

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